Bird Camp


With Elsa having a solid finish on her rookie season, my trainer Justin at Pine Hill Kennel & Sportsman’s Club and I decided to finish off her training with some extended bird work. The plan was to leave Elsa at the kennel and work her on birds during the month of May. I’ve never left my dog anywhere for that length of time and was somewhat reluctant, however I knew that to get her to the next level she really needed consistent work on birds, or as Justin says, “Putting a dog on birds for 3 straight days is better than 3 separate weekends in a month.” Since I am not in a position to get live birds (and launchers) for training, and Stuka was still getting acclimated to his new surroundings, the timing seemed right.

As it turns out, we miss Elsa terribly, but Pine Hill offers “Parents Night” every Friday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Getting to see her, and receiving updates on her progress has been great. In fact, when visiting on May 22 I could not get over what incredible shape she was in. I’m planning on picking her up on May 31, and while there will spend some time in the field with her practicing her new/refined skills.