Cowboy Colt


I recently contacted the owners of Stuka’s Sire, “Echoin’ Cowboy Colt” (pictured left). We had a great talk and shared a number of details about their respective behaviors. As it turns out, and not to anyone’s surprise, Stuka has a lot in common with his dad. One unusual trait is that they are both blanket suckers… go figure. It was also interesting to hear about Colt’s hunting experience. As a ranked AKC Master Hunter he is very talented in the field, yet still makes for a wonderful companion in the home.

Stuka and I are planning to visit Colt’s owners, hopefully within the next month or so to meet him, and learn more about his training background and hunting experiences… we can hardly wait. It will be a great opportunity to learn more about Stuka’s background first hand, and see what kind’s of training practices go into making a highly ranked hunting dog.