Family Reunion

Our Weimaraner’s breeders, Chris and Linda, stopped by our place yesterday and brought along one of Stuka’s sisters, Celestial’s Cowboy Kisses, or aka “Smooch”. Also tagging along was Raven, a beautiful blue, female Weim. It was great to see these two 14-1/2 week old siblings running around and playing. Chris even got Stuka into the kiddie pool with some enticement in the form of floating treats. Linda also shared some information regarding the Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club's picnic in July. Apparently a few other litter mates may even show up for the event, so it may turn into somewhat of a family reunion.

Smooch (purple) and Stuka (orange) getting re-acquainted.


MWR’s Raven’s Sweet Magic RN, TD “Raven”.