First Bird

I took Elsa out for a couple of hunts in the fall of 2008 whereas she worked along with another more seasoned dog. In both cases it was a 6 year old female GSP named Cedar. Elsa’s results were modest at best. As a result, on November 28 we tried a more controlled environment to ensure she had the opportunity to put together all the components of her training. We hunted a 30 acre field at one of Pine Hill’s properties with 4 pheasants released. Elsa started the morning animated and ready to go…


This time Elsa did much better… pointing 2 of the birds and retrieving a rooster. In fact, we walked past the rooster earlier and he flushed, flying about 100 yards from us. We headed in his direction and Elsa held him down for my flush and subsequent shot. We ended the morning with the mandatory “hero pose”.