It’s About Time

Over the years, I’ve owned (and have been owned by) a number of dogs. I suppose it was the combination of shooting clays for a number of years and getting to the point where we wanted another dog… I decided to try a German Shorthaired Pointer.

I located a breeder in the Coldwater, Michigan area named Chris “Buck” Buccheri who had two females remaining from a litter. I can recall Buck walking across his back property with two puppies under each arm. The pup we picked appeared more affectionate and had beautiful markings. We signed the appropriate paperwork, paid $600, and drove home with her that afternoon.

When it came to naming our new little girl, I considered naming her after Inge, the mythic German Shorthair from my youth. My wife and daughter thought the name was too guttural, but I argued that I wanted something that echoed the breed’s German heritage. They suggested something more feminine, and we settled on “Elsa”.