We took delivery on our new Weimaraner puppy when he was 8-1/2 weeks old on April 17. The breeder did a wonderful job of providing a 3-ring binder with all his details, including AKC paperwork, contact information, chip registration, training tips, vet visit schedule, and more. She even threw in a couple of his toys and some super-premium food. In the following weeks she also had been connecting the owners via email to provide updates on the siblings.

We struggled for the next few weeks over a name. We started focusing on something related to his Sire or Dam. We then finally agreed that it would need to go along with Elsa’s name, and again be Germanic, but in this case masculine. We settled on “Stuka”, which is short for sturzkampfflugzeug, or German for dive bomber…seemed appropriate, or at least tough enough.

Stuka belies his rugged namesake… and has been a wonderful puppy. Very sweet, friendly, and extremely well behaved. It’s been interesting to see the differences between himself and Elsa when she was at his age.

Here’s a few pictures of Stuka over the past several weeks:

5 weeks


9 weeks


12 weeks


13 weeks