Training The Trainer

Given my lack of experience with upland hunting, and concern for properly training Elsa, I began searching for a trainer. I settled on Pine Hill Kennel & Sportsman’s Club out of Rockford, Michigan. I was impressed with the details surrounding the various training programs they offered depending on the breed and type/style of hunting. In October 2007 I contacted Pine Hill I spoke with their full time trainer, Justin McGrail and scheduled an appointment for an evaluation of Elsa. When arriving at the kennel facility, I was initially amazed at the level of cleanliness and organization. This was matched by the experienced and professional staff.

In addition to their main office (which includes a 30 acre training area), Pine Hill has three large hunting properties which are carefully managed to provide excellent habitat for upland game birds. Since October is a busy time of the year for the folks at Pine Hill, we opted to start Elsa’s formal training in the spring of 2008. In the interim, Justin gave us a few exercises to practice in the coming months.