Dunn Creek Revisit


It’s opening day for Michigan’s firearm deer season, or as Uncle Duane calls it, “the only day of the year you can hear the sun come up.” Fellow upland hunter Bobby, joined Elsa and I at Dunn Creek this afternoon for another pheasant hunt. This time I didn’t carry a gun, rather I focused on Elsa. This gave me a great opportunity to watch her perform the more demanding tasks during the hunt… specifically her steadiness on point, wing and shot. When carrying a gun, my attention tends to be drawn away from the dog at critical moments. So, I had no complaints watching Elsa do her work as it has always been the best part of any hunt.

Elsa performed very well and pointed/retrieved 6 birds (3 roosters and 3 hens.) Her steadiness was good, she hunted hard, and on more than one occasion a bird jumped early and she did not give chase. The highlight of the afternoon occurred after Elsa pointed a rooster, Bobby successfully brought it down…I took one step forward and two more roosters flushed. With one shell left, Bobby took a second rooster. Elsa was very happy to retrieve them both to hand. (She is pictured above at the right, along with the days’ haul.)