Great Faces. Great Places.


If all goes well, in about two weeks Elsa and I will be loading up the FJ and heading out to South Dakota to hunt pheasant. I received a gracious offer of a business colleague to hunt pheasant in South Dakota for a few days. After visiting the main office in Bismarck, North Dakota, we’ll be heading down to Pollock, South Dakota. Pollock’s population is little more than 300 people, and is located in the central part of South Dakota near the North Dakota border.

I’ve been reading a fair amount of information about hunting wild vs. farm-raised pheasants, scent volumes in the prairie states, wild birds that run for hundreds of yards, etc. Also, from what I’ve been hearing through fellow upland hunters, the pheasant numbers are very low this year. So, I am not sure what to expect (or how Elsa will handle the conditions.) Nonetheless, it will be all about a new experience for Elsa and myself.