New eCollar

I’m planning on introducing Stuka to the eCollar this weekend. Since I am intending on working both dogs together, I purchased a 2-dog collar unit. I will continue using the Dogtra 2500 T&B (Trainer & Beeper) model since it has worked well for Elsa and I am accustomed to the remote control configuration. Hopefully, I can sell the single dog unit.


Speaking of which… my current 2500 has held up perfectly. Having the trainer and beeper mechanism in one small waterproof housing with a 1 mile range is great, the 2 hour charge time is convenient, and it actually saved Elsa from a serious deer chase incident. And, the 2-dog unit (Dogtra model 2502) has the ability to switch operating modes on either collar from the remote… nice.

I will not be hunting Elsa and Stuka together until 1) Elsa refines her honoring, and 2) Stuka is beyond the basics. Stuka’s eCollar introduction will be done with two of the basic exercises he has been performing – quartering and whoa-ing. When the whistle signal is given during the quartering exercise (and he does not turn immediately) he will receive a very low level “nick” (that’s Dogtra lingo for non-continuous stimulation), until he is more responsive. During our whoa-ing exercise, he will again receive a low level “nick” each time he moves after the whoa command is given.