Spring Equinox


37F with a 70% chance of rain and/or snow… we decided to hold off on a scheduled preserve hunt-training session for another week or two. Ironic that it is the first day of spring and the weather in western Michigan consisted of a wet snowfall. Instead we took Elsa, or as my wife calls her “My German Girlfriend”, out for a morning run in the wildlife preserve behind our home. The 540+ acres of protected land not only provides our horses with a quiet and natural surrounding, the fields and woods also make for a great training spot. Unfortunately, the volume of game birds is rather low, most likely due to birds of prey and a healthy coyote population.


Along the coast of the Grand River, Elsa threw a point at some Canada Geese, but the retrieve would have been a little rough…


The preserve was relatively dry for March, and Elsa enjoyed herself. She executed the basics very well including heeling, quartering, come-when-called, and whoaing.