Since I initially approached Pine Hill Kennels regarding Elsa’s training around October 2007, we opted to wait until Spring of 2008 to get formal training underway. As Elsa became more independently minded in the field, and the training exercises become more complicated it was time to select an electronic collar. Per the recommendation of my trainer, I went with a Dogtra 2500 T&B (Trainer & Beeper). I have been very pleased with the unit as it has some unique features.


The main unit and the beeper are housed in a single attachment on the collar. For smaller dogs, like Elsa who is around 46 pounds, the collar isn’t too overbearing. The Rheostat Intensity Dial on top of the unit provides 127 levels of “nick” and constant stimulation. This really lets you slowly determine the perfect level for your dog. It charges in about 2 hours, and has an LCD window that displays stimulation level and battery strength. It even has a magnetic on/off for the collar and controller which chimes to verify whether its powered up or down. Other features like a waterproof case, 1 mile range, and multiple modes for location, on-point notification, etc. make this a great collar.